Dragenvoy Ludum Dare 26

Posted 30 Apr 2013

I’m a fan of game jams and indie game development. One of the game jams I participated in was Ludum Dare 26 with the theme of minimalism. I was reminded of one of the most minimal games “snake” which folks used to play on the tiny lcd screens of their ancient mobile dumb-phones.


I used Unity and C# to develop the game over a weekend. The concept was to build a snake game but use physics to determine the movement of the snake. The pellets which make the snake grow and move faster would also be susceptible to physics. I was extremely pleased with how well it turned out. One of my favorite parts of developing a game is sharing it with others. There were many kind comments left on my entry. Thanks to everyone who tried it out!

Try it

A few years have gone by and Unity has changed drastically. At the time I was using a 2D helper library because back then Unity was exclusively for 3D. Unity has since released their own 2D tooling. Unfortunately I am unable to rebuild the game with modern tools. But if you are willing to try it out on an older browser that still supports the Unity Web Player, you can still try dragenvoy here!