Static Site Generator - Hugo

Posted 7 Apr 2018

Building a website with Hugo

Hugo is a static site generator written in Go (aka golang). It boasts about being super speedy and how it makes building websites fun again. So far I agree with their claims! The LiveReload feature enabled with hugo server --watch is awesome. I often don’t even need to reload the web page to see updates and the rebuilds occur on the order of 5-15 ms for this site.

The theme options are plentiful, I have seen many that are ported from jekyll. HTML5Up has a lot of themes as well, (including this one!) So I can certainly appreciate some assistance from such a fantastic web designer 😆.

The only other experience I have with site generators is wordpress from many years ago. Perhaps its because I have more experience than I did then, but I’ve been able to make much swifter progress with Hugo. I definitely prefer golang templates to PHP, and I feel a lot more comfortable since PHP comes loaded with a lot of foot-guns.

After modifying the theme on my own a bit, I’m starting to have a better understanding of how the pieces fit together. I hope to keep iterating and improving on the site … so more to come as I learn!